Getting It On With The Student Teacher

Getting It On With The Student Teacher

One time, in my freshman year of high school, i had a student teacher for Geometry. She was the hottest thing i had ever seen. During that summer, i figured out that she had moved into my grandparent’s apartment building. That was all i needed. One time, i saw her leave her house, and she didn’t lock it. I snuck in, and got a pair of her panties. Immediately, i started jacking off in them. Before i got done, however, i heard her come back in, so i hid underneath the bed. It was just my luck, because she went in and started taking a shower. I tried to finish jacking off in her panties, but she caught me. “Why don’t we do a little more than that?” she asked me. So we got into her shower and started fucking. She had the tightest pussy i had ever known. The slipperiness off the water made it even better. She bent over, and i grabbed her tits, and fucked her up the pussy and up the ass. She was so hot!

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun times together. -Anon.

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