He’ll Be Doing It In His Coffin!

He’ll be doing it in his coffin!

My interest in things sexual goes as far back as I can remember (before I knew what sexual meant) curiosity about the other sex, and curiosity about my own gender. Played show and tell, feel and taste with who ever, whenever. Of course because the grown folks made such an uproar about it……made it all the more interesting and super fun. An older neighbor boy led the conversation about girls and comparison of our parts. It resulted in a demonstration of what issued when manipulation was done by a boy past his puberty…I was fascinated and promptly learned how to do it. Waited breathlessly for hair and ejaculation. Masturbated with a friend….was in circle jerks…later on started going around with girls…….but still enjoyed masturbation privately…….read as much as I could find on sexual matters and including some little bit of history…….and decided that I was born with this thing that had two very natural functions…..neither which was done in front of most of humanity nor talked about………one of which was relief of bladder fullness and the other of which we were born with, hungered for and enjoyed. At an age of almost eighty I still enjoy doing it and look forward to masturbating in my coffin, knowing that no one will jump in and give me a “hand”


Being “Bad” at Camp

Being “Bad” at Camp

My first experience masturbating came while I was at an all girl basketball camp many years ago. My roommate and I were in our room at night and we were both very tired. It was supposed to be lights out but we had a small light on the floor on and we were talking about guys.

The conversation was pretty casual at first but then we started talking about what we’d do if some guys got into our room. I guess we were both fantasizing about we would do, and I looked at my friend and her hand was down her shorts (besides a bra that was all either of us were wearing). She asked me if something was wrong and I said no, but she could tell I was confused. She asked if I had ever given myself an orgasm before and I said no. She told me it was something I should try. So I put my hand down my shorts and started to feel my pussy. I rubbed around it a few times and then put a finger in it. A new sensation crept over me so I added another finger. I took my shorts off to make it easier, and pushed my two fingers in and out of my pussy.

My friend was impressed so she stopped and watched me. I noticed her nipples standing up through her bra and then I saw that mine were too. Then she slipped a hand under a bra and fondled her small breast. We weren’t very old so neither of us had much in the way of chests. I noticed this so I also grabbed my boob and accidentally pinched my nipple. This felt great so I took my other hand out of my pussy and rubbed both nipples. Almost immediately I started to shake and my entire body felt wonderful. I had just experienced my first orgasm. I think my friend got off just watching me.

Anyway, I first had sex with a guy a few years later and I have to admit there’s nothing like the feel of a dick inside of you. I still like to masturbate but I do it less often now that I have a man to give it to me whenever I want it.

High School Girl Does it Daily

For the Women’s Solo Sex Techniques Web Page

I’m a senior in high school with an incredibly high sex drive. (Gee, I know I’m kind of young to be posting this, but why repress it?) I’ve been masturbating for as long as I know. I remember being about four or five, rubbing my clitoris until an intense sensation washed over my whole body. I didn’t know what I was doing—I laugh now to recall that I thought I was tickling myself. When I was eight or so, I moved on to more “mature” fantasies of kissing boys, sometimes with tongue. (That’s really funny now that I look back on it. I don’t think that I could reach orgasm by just thinking about kissing now.)

I have vague memories of the first time that I ever masturbated in the bath, I think at the age of seven or so. I remember turning the water on full force (not a handheld shower head, just the faucet) and lying on my back, legs spread open as the water pounded on my clitoris. The orgasm that this induces is unbearably intense, so intense that I find myself having to stop as soon as I reach orgasm. I still do this sometimes, but only rarely, as I find that the water usually gets cold before I climax. As a child, I used to masturbate almost daily.

Once I got a little older and lost my innocence about what I was doing, I began masturbating more frequently, always daily, sometimes more than once a day. To this day I still do, every night before I go to sleep. I find that if I do this while lying in bed, I am relaxed and sleep more easily.

Most people here seem to use something for penetration (either fingers or some kind of toy). Oddly enough, this is not one of my practices. I always use my fingers, but almost never for penetration. This is not because I don’t enjoy penetration—I do—but rather because my fingers get too tired when I finger myself. Instead, I rub my index finger over my labia, in much the same motion as when typing. I find that my fingers don’t get tired when I do it this way, and it’s much more relaxing. I find that a good prelude to masturbation (like what I’m doing right now) is crossing my legs and squeezing my upper thigh muscles, causing friction against my clitoris. I’ve never come by doing this, but it’s a good way to arouse yourself or entertain yourself when you’re hands are busy (as when typing).

I have a very active imagination. Therefore, I never masturbate casually. I always have a very detailed fantasy playing in my mind while I masturbate, eyes closed, kind of like an erotic movie. Once I have completely thought out a fantasy during masturbation, I never use it again. I am always thinking of new fantasies. These fantasies almost always feature the girl I’m in love with (I’m bisexual), or if they’re not about her, she somehow wanders into my mind while I’m masturbating. (She’s not romantically interested in me.)

I enjoy being naked. Living with my family, I don’t get much of a chance, but I enjoy lounging around my room wearing nothing. Of course, I cannot stand being naked for long before I start to masturbate.

Besides being naked, I enjoy writing erotic stories (sometimes while naked)! I am usually so hot by the time I finish the story that I could almost reach orgasm without touching myself.

I’ve always heard that it’s hard to reach orgasm before you’ve had sex, but I’ve never had that problem. Masturbating daily, I cannot recall a time when I did not climax, though sometimes it takes longer than other times.

Well, I guess that about wraps things up. I’m still very paranoid that someone I know will stumble across this site and piece together all the details to figure out who I am. I guess that I’m overly worrisome, as the reason I see people piecing it together is that I have all the information already. Well, I’ll sign anonymous just to satisfy my paranoia. Being introverted and paranoid sucks.


Discovered Masturbation Early

Discovered Masturbation Early

I discovered masturbation at about age 5 - I called it peaking (don’t no why tho, lol) I was playing like riding a horse on arm of rocker, rocking back and forth and WOW, the explosion of an orgasm totally SHOCKED ME!! I played that game all day long. Of the nights, while watching tv I’d go thru bedroom to go to bathroom, stop in bedroom and get on wooden rail and rock and get off too. Then in bed later, I’d use blanket between legs - lay on belly - use hands cupped and hunch and get off. I was raped when I was 14 and never had orgasms with penis, tho I luv for man to let me lay on stomach and masturbate with him watching. This one older guy would wait til I was ready to cum, then mount me from behind and put his huge penis right at my anus and shove down hard as I CAME - THAT was most incredible orgasm I ever had with a “man” and we did it a lot - and I’d blow him off for having sex with me that way and luved it. (alas, he went back to an ex-girlfriend) and I haven’t got comfortable enough with a guy for that since). Just have to fantasize about him and get myself off by myself. I also luv to fantasize about a woman making love to and with me and get off - so maybe I need to find a lesbian, until whatever, I’ll just get off by myself.

Dealing With Vaginal Dryness

Dealing with vaginal dryness

First of all, let me say how happy I am that I found your SOLO website. I fully enjoy my sexuality and relish every opportunity to have an orgasm—either while alone or with a partner. Your site has given me a wealth of ideas for making my masturbation even more fun (although it’s always been great). Thanks for filling this void for all of us women.

I’m puzzled, though, by the lack of input from women like myself who have to deal with less vaginal moisture than what, apparently, many of your readers experience. I’m envious of these women who write about their pussies getting wet, almost gushing. I’ve never been blessed in that department. While I do get wet, it is never enough for comfort, especially during intercourse or when playing with toys I want to insert. Even when I was younger I had a “dry pussy” most of the time, regardless of how turned on I was. Then when I went through menopause at a very early age (mid-30s) that box of mine got even dryer despite the fact that my doctor had me on hormone replacement therapy. Now, more than 10 years later, I’m still having to cope with it—but over my sexual lifetime I’ve come up with some awesome but simple solutions that I’d like to share.

While I was growing up and first starting to masturbate, I discovered several things around the house which I used to make my slit slippery. Most of them worked ok and they made my masturbation more exciting and the results (orgasms) more intense. But the clean-up was awful. After enjoying a fantastic orgasm, who wants to go into the bathroom and try to remove sticky Vaseline or cooking oil from a sensitive cunt? It somehow detracts from the moment in a big way! Some lotions and hand creams worked alright but they still weren’t close enough to my natural, but sadly inadequate, pussy juices.

While in college I discovered K-Y in a tube and used it for years. Occasionally I picked up some of those special liquid lovers’ lotions sold in love boutiques or adult stores but they were usually more expensive and not that much better. There was another brand, an imitation K-Y (called H-R lubricant, I think) which also was available at any drug store and it was ok too. When I wanted to masturbate (usually daily), part of my ritual was pulling out the tube of lube from my bedside drawer. Clean-up with these products was simple because they are water based and it washes off easily. Much better than the gummy Vaseline!

Then a few years ago the makers of K-Y came out with their own liquid lube product, K-Y Liquid “Personal Lubricant.” (Don’t you love how these marketers hype products made for use between the legs as “personal” this or “personal” that?) The bottle says “smooth, silky, non-sticky.” It is nice and smooth; I guess it’s “silky,” whatever that means; but I wouldn’t go so far to say it is completely non-sticky. Although it washes off easily, there is some stickiness, unlike your body’s own “personal moisture.” But, all in all, I found it to be a big step up from the tube variety of K-Y whichI threw away after trying out the new bottle stuff. While going through menopause, my doctor even prescribed an estrogen cream for use during intercourse, but it was messy—had to be inserted with an applicator which my husband enjoyed doing but it was a pain nonetheless—and VERY expensive. And it didn’t feel as good as the over-the-counter things I’d been using.

Let me interrupt myself to describe how I usually masturbate (I’ll tell about use of the lube during intercourse with my husband in a bit). It’s pretty simple, actually. Sometimes I use a vibrator (the Hitachi Magic Wand—a big plug-in model which really peaks me off in a blissful hurry) and when I do that I don’t usually use lube. The vibrator is riding up atop my clit most of the time, sometimes with some fabric between the vibrator and my pussy so as to soften the vibrations. Moisture in my vagina or vulva isn’t important. But usually I like to fondle myself, touch myself with my fingers, feeling about gently at first, rubbing my fingers up and down and across all the folds of skin in my pussy, dipping a finger now and then into my vagina then dragging it up over the tip of my clit, then eventually focusing my finger action on my clitoris almost exclusively as I rub that spot between the tip of my clit and the vaginal opening. This gives me direct stimulation to the head of the clit, a gentle tugging of skin which moves the rest of the clit, and pressure elsewhere that enhances the sensations. Many times I’ll insert a well-lubed finger in my anus and work it in and out as I rub my pussy at the same time. Often I’ll pull out my favorite dildo—an old one I bought in an adult shop years ago. It’s roughly shaped like a penis and balls, but the penis is about half the size (length and around too) as my husband’s—and he is what I’d call average in size. The smaller size I find touches me just right and I enjoy masturbating with it, using it to touch my pussy instead of my fingers. I don’t insert it much, just rub it up and down my crack. Well, to be comfortable, all this finger and dildo play demands a lot of lube and since I don’t manufacture much, it’s K-Y to the rescue.

About a month ago I was in the local Wal-Mart when I made an amazing discovery. What’s nice about K-Y is that it is available anywhere in any drug store (Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, even grocery stores—usually next to the condoms or sanitary napkins). Well, the other day I spotted the familiar K-Y logo on a new shape package. It was “K-Y Silk-E Vaginal Moisturizer” with vitamin E. It was about the same price as the K-Y liquid. I bought a bottle and skipped the rest of my errands to race home to try this new stuff.

When I got home I tore off to the bedroom, pulled off all my clothes, opened the package, popped the lid (these products have convenient pop-up lids; you don’t have to spend time unscrewing a cap when you’d rather be screwing yourself!). I plopped down on the bed, knees up and spread wide apart. With the fingers of my left hand I pulled my lips apart and dribbled some of this new “Silk-E Moisturizer” all over my anxious pussy. It wasn’t any warmer than the old product (!), but when my fingers slipped down between my lips, WOOWWWEE! Now this stuff was what I’d really call “Silky.” Slippery to the max and, amazingly, it felt exactly like the real thing! In less than two minutes I was moaning and bucking into my hand, electrified by an alarmingly intense orgasm. I paused a few moments, then started feeling this gel again and, double woowwwee, I came again. After the third orgasm I almost collapsed so I thought I’d wait for more until hubby was home to show him my new purchase.

I don’t think I have to convince anyone that I really recommend this stuff—and, no, I don’t work for the company that makes it! (BTW, it’s clear, non-staining, almost tasteless—which is neat because its presence doesn’t inhibit oral sex, E-Z clean-up, and it is helpful in keeping your “personal area” moist anytime, not just during sex.)

Now, what about vaginal dryness and your mate? I’m lucky, I guess, because all the guys I’ve been with have understood my “problem” and had no qualms about use of a lube. In fact, my husband enjoys it because as he fingers me to orgasm, he likes the feel of my (artificially) overly moist pussy. When we are ready for him to penetrate me, I get a kick out of fondling his rigid cock, caressing it (need I say he likes this too?), then dribbling some of the K-Y all over it, rubbing it in, admiring his glistening purple head and telling him how much I want him to plunge that thing up inside me. He’s never let me down yet with this kind of a build-up! In it goes, sliding smoothly all the way. He likes the way the lube makes his penis feel inside me and his orgasms are delightful.

One last thing about men: I’ve done this with my husband and other guys too— I’ve never met a fellow yet who didn’t ADORE the feelings I induced by having him lay down naked, then pouring some of my K-Y all over his cock and my hand. My hand and fingers work delightful magic on an eager penis and I find it is especially fun to just massage and play with it, invoking all those special sensations he loves, and finally jerking him off—all his juices flowing out over my hand and his tummy. Sometimes my husband will get me off, then I’ll work him off this way. We love it. Other times we will both lube ourselves up, lying side-by-side, and masturbate together. It’s a pleasure watching him slip and slide his lubed hand up and down his prick and with that action right next to me, it takes no time at all for my fingers to get me surging away with my own orgasm. He, too, thinks the new K-Y is better than the old variety.

So, ladies, even if you have moderate vaginal fluids, hop on down to WalMart and pick up some of this new K-Y Silk-e. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!


An All-Night Mutual

An All-Night Mutual

I was just out of college, thrilled with my first paycheck from my first full-time job. I drove back to my Alma Mater looking for some buddies to celebrate my good fortune. Friends invited me to a party near the campus, so I went, a fifth of Jack Daniels in hand.

After an hour or so of the usual chatter and catching up, a girl I had known over the years through another girl wound up on the couch besides me, commenting that I was obviously a gentleman “who knows how to sip his bourbon… nursing it long, slow and easy….” Her pouty smile and a heat from her deep brown eyes hinted that she saw something in my style that stirred her curiosity about other things…. I felt a little muscular twist and a flash of heat in my lower belly that I remember vividly to this day and it caused me to blush and look away for a moment… when I looked back up at her, she was smiling broadly and gently laid her hand on my thigh….She leaned toward me, and in a lowered voice said, “I’m not exactly the girl you remember from a year ago, I learned a lot of things when I went off to New York…I met a wonderful older guy there….” And that was it; she looked intensely into my eyes, sat back, smiled and changed the conversation entirely.

Later, however, as the party broke up, we “drifted back together” and wound up driving up to a park that over-looked the city. By then the bourbon was coursing through both of us and we became deeply entangled; she loved “ear-kissing” and every stroke of her tongue, each heavy, moist breath, her moans, all went straight to my aching pelvis… I fumbled her shirt open, slipped off her front-clasp bra and there were two of the whitest, smallest breasts I have ever seen… they seemed to glow in the dim light… her nipples were tiny points and I greedily went to them, licking, kissing and sucking like a hungry child…

She pulled my shirt out of my pants and up to my neck and fell against my chest, her lips sucking furiously on my left nipple, her fingers playing lightly over my belly… I couldn’t handle it anymore! My left hand thrush under her jeans and slipped over soft, cotton panties….I pushed downward and her thighs parted, my fingers sliding into a moist puddle in the cotton, slickening my fingers… a crinkly mat of her pubic hair tickled my palm as I rubbed my hand up and down… I felt the damp,warm cotton sink into her slit and a hot sigh blew into my ear…. I pushed the elastic aside and felt the unbelievably slick silkiness of her most secret place…. a finger touched something just a bit firmer than that which enclosed my fingers; she cried out”AHHH”, throwing her head back and I instantly knew what I had touched…

Her hand tore at my belt and I felt my dick swell against the cotton of my underwear. She pushed this restraint away and my erection swung free in her hand. We were both looking down there and she groaned an appreciative “OH! My!” I dropped my head back against the seat when her face went straight down to my lap, her long hair tickling all the skin there. She wrapped the staining head of my penis in her hot, wet mouth and gave it two or three deep sucks; then she raised her head away, kissing along my belly, up my chest and ending at my neck.

By now, dawn was lightening the sky and we could see plainly our sweat-glistened bodies; we both slowed a moment and smiled at what we had before us: her little, engorged nipples, a deep pink, almost purple, crowning nickle-sized, tan aureoles; a thick tangle of dark pubic hair curled from under either side of my hand and my fingers and the insides of her thighs were coated in her own juices…. “Look at your passion…” I gushed.

She took a deep breath; “Look at YOURS…” she sighed. The head of my penis bloomed deep maroon at the top of a veined shaft that was only slightly darker than the belly beneath it. And there, filling the slit at its point was a pearly white bead of semen; she touched her thumb to it and rubbed it around the head and over the underside, down the little, taut seam which runs from my glans to the little knob of flesh about and inch down; she let her thumb toy with this little bit of flesh for a moment, watching the reactions this brought to my belly, face and thighs: little eruptive jumps and twitches that obviously delighted her.

Slowly she began a light fluttering stroke up and down the shaft, over the head with her open hand, the fingers slightly apart, never grasping the head. At the same time, her hips began an earnest thrusting against my hand which was still caressing her slit; my first two fingers curled into a hook and she gasped against my chest. The fluttering of her hand over my dick sped up and suddenly my pelvis jerked forward as little bullets of sperm shot repeatedly in every direction. I have never cum like that before or since: at least twenty spurts showering my chest, her belly, the front seat of the car, everywhere!

She cried out and doubled over, bucking against my hand and fore-arm. When the intensity subsided, she stretched back, her head falling on my shoulder, her hair cascading onto my chest. My hand slid out of her and rested on her left breast. Her heart felt as if it would come out of her chest and she reached there on me as well. “Whoa!” was all either of us could mutter for several minutes as we clung in a sweat-soaked embrace, wrapped in the rich odors of our sex….

We met a few other times after that, never having sex again, but both referring to that long night of passion with deep affection and understanding of a moment of two old friends giving completely over to the joy that sex can bring.


Getting It On With The Student Teacher

Getting It On With The Student Teacher

One time, in my freshman year of high school, i had a student teacher for Geometry. She was the hottest thing i had ever seen. During that summer, i figured out that she had moved into my grandparent’s apartment building. That was all i needed. One time, i saw her leave her house, and she didn’t lock it. I snuck in, and got a pair of her panties. Immediately, i started jacking off in them. Before i got done, however, i heard her come back in, so i hid underneath the bed. It was just my luck, because she went in and started taking a shower. I tried to finish jacking off in her panties, but she caught me. “Why don’t we do a little more than that?” she asked me. So we got into her shower and started fucking. She had the tightest pussy i had ever known. The slipperiness off the water made it even better. She bent over, and i grabbed her tits, and fucked her up the pussy and up the ass. She was so hot!

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun times together. -Anon.

Self-Stimulation With Tight Pants

Self-Stimulation With Tight Pants

Here’s one I don’t hear much about… My unique and favorite way of masturbating: wearing tight jeans.

I accidentally discovered this years ago when skin-tight designer jeans became popular. One day when I was behind on laundry, I pulled on one of my tightest pairs of jeans with no underwear. Throughout the day, I realized that the crotch seam of the pants pulled up deep into my cunt, stimulating my vulva. When I crossed my legs, the fabric would pull deep into my slit. Then as I walked, the seam would rub my cunt lips with every step. When I got home, my husband could tell I was hornier than a caged-in nympho and we had the hottest sex we’d had in a long time. Nowadays, I don’t even own a single pair of panties.

One of my favorite tricks is to struggle into some super-tight jeans and then soak in a tub of hot water. Then I let it dry onto me in the sun. This shrinks the jeans to an incredible second-skin on my petite body. Not only does this physically stimulate me, but it drives my husband absolutely wild.

I have a pair of extremely tight black leather jeans which I bought one size too small on the good advice of the salesgirl. Leather has a certain give to it so that after a few wearings, it molds itself to every little contour of my buns and legs. The shine highlights and emphasizes all my curves. Since the center seam creeps deep both in front and back, it is a real turn-on for me to wear. In fact, the center seam disappears completely between my cunt lips. The sensation is enhanced because the leather cinches my thin thighs very tightly. I can also count on these “shrink-wrap” pants to tease up my husband every time I wear them. I make him follow behind as I’m climbing stairs slowly swaying my hips. Because he is turned on by the combined smell of leather and my come, he always enjoys eating my pussy hungrily after I’ve spent a whole day in these leather pants. And I reap the reward!

I read a lot about vibrators as the tool of choice for masturbation. But tight-fitting pants can be used for self-induced foreplay and/or ultimate satisfaction, with or without your partner-and I can do it openly in public! I’d like to hear that more women masturbate by wearing tight-fitting pants.


My First True Bi Session

My First True Bi Session

I have enjoyed masturbating for as long as I can remember (essentially as long as I’ve been able). My first experiences were alone, but I followed those up by masturbating with other male friends for many years. I also enjoyed many years of mutual masturbation with my girlfriend in college, but had never done it in mixed company. But this all changed one hot summer afternoon in July.

My girlfriend Denise (the one with whom I enjoyed mutual masturbation) and I were staying at her parent’s house for a week over summer break. Her parents both worked the evening shift (3:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.), and we put this time to good use. We had sex indoors and out, naked and partially clothed, and explored our newly found enjoyment of mutual masturbation.

Toward the end of the week, Denise’s sister’s boyfriend dropped by the house to see his girlfriend. Denise’s sister wouldn’t be home for a few hours, and Denise and I were quite upset that we would have to wait to get off. Although Scott had a smallish build, he was an attractive guy, and I had often wondered what he would look like naked. I hadn’t told Denise this - in fact I hadn’t told her about my experiences with men. But the afternoon was warm and, plain and simply, I was horny as hell.

We had been outside and were cooling off in the living room. Scott had excused himself, and I was playfully grabbing at Denise’s wonderfully shaped ass. Denise told me how horny she was as well, and I decided it might be time to tell her about my experiences with guys. I took a deep breath, and nervously and quickly told her about my first masturbation session with my friend Dave. She was very quiet, but she was breathing hard and quite flushed. She paused for a moment, and then told me it was the hottest thing she had ever heard, and that the thought of me jerking off with another guy was getting her very hot. She had to see it!

I mentioned that I thought Scott was pretty good looking, and we put our minds to work figuring a way to get Scott naked and jacking off with us. Before we could give it two thoughts, Scott was back. He had taken off his shirt to cool off. Denise looked at me with a gleam in her eye and removed her bikini top, to “cool off” as well. This really didn’t shock Scott as Denise was something of an exhibitionist, but I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable. Without missing a beat I removed my shirt as well, and we sat there for a while topless, making small talk.

I couldn’t take much more of this, and decided to make the next move. I excused myself to get a soda, and while in the kitchen removed my shorts and underwear. I really couldn’t believe I was doing this. So with a deep breath, a cold soda, and all the courage I could muster, I marched into the living room, announcing that I had taken another step to “cool off.” Scott stared with disbelief at my erect cock as it just hung out there. He was very nervous, and I was frozen in my tracks. I thought I had gone too far.

Denise took control and told Scott that he had interrupted our jack-off session, and we were both so incredibly horny that we had to do something about it. She stood up and slithered out of her bikini bottoms, exposing her sweet pussy to both of us. She sat back down and had me sit down beside her. She told Scott that we would like to be watched, and had him sit on the coffee table directly in front of us. Denise spread her legs, and rubbed her hand around her lips before slipping her middle finger into her dripping vagina. Scott and I both watched as she began frigging herself with increasing intensity while pinching her erect nipples with her other hand. Watching her juices flowing onto the couch put me over the top, and I came without even touching myself. Scott stared as cum flew from my dick and landed on Denise and I. Denise slowed down, and I grabbed a towel to clean myself up with.

When I came back from the hallway, Scott was still watching Denise while she rubbed herself with ever-increasing passion. I could see the outline of Scott’s erection in his shorts, and told him that we wouldn’t mind at all if he relieved himself. He quickly stood and dropped his shorts in almost one fluid motion. His long, thin dick jumped to life, and he sat back down on the coffee table and began stroking himself with long, strong strokes, never taking his eyes off of Denise. This was the opportunity I had been looking for, and I casually sat down next to him on the table.

The anticipation of this moment had brought my penis back to its erect state, and I massaged my sack and assessed the situation. Denise was looking at me with anticipation, and I became very nervous once again. I didn’t to shock Scott, but I dragged the fingers of my right hand across the top of Scott’s thigh, and began lightly stroking his balls as he jerked-off. He was intently into the moment, and moved closer to me on the table. Denise’s pace was becoming frantic, and I knew this was getting her even hotter. I grabbed Scott’s left hand, guided it to my swollen member, and began moving it up and down. He took over, and I moved my right hand back over to his dick and grabbed onto it as he released it. Denise began shaking with a huge orgasm and couldn’t take her eyes off of the scene in front of her.

Scott and I quickened our pace as Denise came again and again. I couldn’t believe I was jerking off another guy right there in front of her. We continued to stroke each other’s cocks, and I noticed that Scott was tightening his ass in anticipation of his orgasm. I jerked him off as fast as I could and he shot his cum everywhere. It was a huge explosion and he kept cumming for quite a while. As his orgasm subsided, he continued jerking me off. Denise got down on the floor between my legs to get a closer look as I came again. There wasn’t much this time, but it was an intense orgasm nonetheless.

We slowly came around, cleaned up, got dressed, and continued as if nothing had happened. We never brought it up with Scott again, but Denise and I got off thinking about many times.

I would love to exchange more stories with both men and women. I want to hear your comments, and I am interested in exchanging masturbation pictures with women and men. Let me know if you have any special picture requests, and don’t forget to send one of yourself. Reach me at <email removed>

My Masturbation Techniques

My Masturbation Techniques

I was in the seventh-grade the first time I jacked-off. I had heard the older boys talk about jacking-off but didn’t know what that meant. I used to milk a cow in the barn and while I was in the barn I got a real good feeling in my dick. I just naturally unzipped my Levi’s and played with my dick with my right hand, kinda like milking the cow. I was fantasizing about being with a girl but didn’t understand why. Within about 65 seconds I came. It felt so good. I did it again about three days later and have jacked-off every since.

I don’t remember the shape of my cock in my younger days, but when I was older and at the end of the working day, we would shower and some of the guys would tease the other guys that had bent cocks and accuse them of being masturbators. My cock has a slight bend to the left near the head, shaped as though I had been a regularly masturbator with my right hand. I do it now with my left hand because it takes longer and I’m trying to see if I can make my cock to go straight again.

Now that I’m much older, I have learned more about jacking-off and what the correct words are for these activities. Masturbation is a term I learned is the same as jacking-off. I called my penis a prick most of the time. A lot of boys called it a dick.

I always jacked-off within about 45 to 60 seconds. I thought that was the way is was to be done. But now I can go for an hour or two. But I don’t play with my prick now the way I used to. Now I can enjoy it a lot longer. This is how I do it now.

While I’m in my underclothes, I’ll surf the Net and at the same time place my left hand under my cock and with my fingers. I’ll gently massage the underside of the head or I’ll pat it. Boy does it feel good. Then I’ll grab it with my left hand, the fingers underneath and the base of the palm on top and gently massage it. Like having a real soft rubber ball and gently squeeze it. It will get partially hard. I start getting that precum liquid and that turns me on. As I’m surfing the Net, I’ll look at the good-looking porn ladies and when they stand in a certain positions, play with their tits or show their cunts in a particular way, I really get turned on. I’ll continue to massage my prick, not the to point of orgasm because I want this good feeling to last forever. It doesn’t last forever, but it lasts for as much as up to two hours. When I finally come, the muscles in my groin start to throb, and I’ll straighten my body so that it becomes stiff from my head to feet, and I’m in heaven. I can tell I’m going to cum because those muscles throb four or five times and suddenly the jizz starts to flow through my prick and I image licking a beautiful women’s cunt or sucking on her breasts. I’ll even think about eating and licking her ass. God! It feels so good. I wish it would last forever. And then I have a wonderful orgasm. The cum goes all over my left hand and drips down the side of my cock and it goes soft pretty fast. And then I think of the next time I’ll do it. Sometimes I do it the very next day and other times I don’t do it for three or four days and up to two or three weeks. Then I’ll get an urge to do again. I’ve learned to use a lubricant called Astroglide. It really is slippery.

I like to watch a porn video and play with dick. I’ll put the video in, take off all my clothes except for the underclothes. I’ll be sure to lock all the doors so no one will catch me. The porn videos I like the best are called Debutantes by Ed Powers. They run 2 hours and 20 minutes. I like these videos because he talks and jokes with the ladies before they “do it.” This pre-activity makes the women appear more human and natural. They laugh and joke and he asks them questions about sex, if they like oral sex or whatever. In most cases, he’ll ask them if they have every masturbated or if they like to masturbate. He’ll fondle them and joke with them when they are fully clothed. He then has them take of their clothes. They slowly take of their clothes, first their blouses and that exposes their brassieres. I love to see a woman with her bra on. Especially white bras. That really turns me on. I’m still playing with my dick. And as I write this, I’ll play with my dick and it feels so good. Then she’ll take her skirt or pants off and you can see her beautiful body with her panties and bra on. As I write this, I want to go to the video store and get another video. In the meantime, I’ll reach down and with my dick in my left hand, and bounce it up-and-down. I want this physical feeling to last for a long time. I’m no hurry, because I’m enjoying writing this and thinking about sex. Then Ed will ask the ladies (sometime there are two) to lie on the bed. They will take off their bras and expose their tits. She rubs her tits and licks her nipples. Then she takes off her panties. She grabs the elastic part of her panties and begins to slide them off her hips, she raises her knees to her arms and take the panties off. Then her whole body is exposed. She spreads her legs apart and starts playing with herself. At the same time, I’m massaging my penis with my left hand. And as she plays with her bushy area she starts to move her hips up-and-down and in-and-out. This turns me on because she’s getting turned on. Then she starts to moan and groan. I know the feeling because I make noises as I’m about to shoot my wad.

These are my favorite video scenes. I like to see the woman jack-off the man and watch the jizz spurt, and I’ll play that part over and over again. I am still massaging my prick but not to the point of orgasm. I want this to last for a long time. Remember that I’ve had this last as long as two hours. I like to watch the women on top where she faces her man. She puts her legs over his body, grabs his cock and guides it into her pussy. She slowly starts to go up-and-down and forward and backward. He fondles her tits. I like the forward-and backward movement the best. I also like the position where the lady sits on the man and she is facing his feet. I also like the doggie position. Those pricks seem soooooooo big! You can hear his privates hit against her beautiful ass. Those porn stars fuck for 8 or ten minutes and I wonder how they do it. I wish I could go that long. Does anyone who reads this know how the porn stars can go so long? I can play with myself much longer. I certainly enjoy masturbating.

When I found Solo surfing the net and began to read the masturbation stories, I got turned on more by reading how the girls masturbate more than about how the boys do it. I learn new and different ways to jack-off by reading their experiences, but I play with my muscle while reading about how the girls masturbate. Solo is one my favorites and I’ve learned to save all the information about masturbation so that I could read it at my leisure Offline.

Sometimes I’ll put a pair of my wife’s silk panties on and rub my dick. I’ve put on her panty hose and rubbed myself against them. I’ve even put on her brassieres.

Here are some ways I used to jack-off during my teen years. I would go to grandma’s, and her back room she had a closet that had some old silk dresses and blouses. I would wrap the silk around my prick and jack-off and the jizz would stay on the material. I used to go to my friends’ home and visit with them. One time I had to go to the bathroom and right in front of the toilet was hamper full of dirty garments and other underclothes. I looked inside and found some panties. They hadn’t been washed yet. I smelled them and I liked it. I began getting a hardon and I put the panties over my dick and start to jack-off. With the down motion the panties would pull on the head on my dick and felt good. Within a few seconds I shot my wad in the panties and put them back into the hamper. I used the mother’s panties and the sister’s panties many times. I also got their bras and placed one of the cups over my cock and jacked-off in them. I’ve always be turned by ladies underwear. One time on vacation, I went down to wash my clothes in the public washroom in the basement and one of the tenants had her panties and bras hanging on the clothesline. Seeing them turned me on. I grabbed one of the panties, went up to my room and jacked-off in them.